A unique and special Italian history.

We have built our business on passion for home grown (Italian) ingredients and our refusal to compromise in quality.
For many years, the Quartiglia Group has been the leader in Italy for food service and we credit our success to the unique services we offer and to our constant research for new and innovative food products and catering equipment.
We want to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations, we always offer products with high quality standards and services as well as a rapid and extensive distribution system. That’s what makes us proud of the work we do every day with passion.

Our mission is excellence

Every day we deliver the excellence of the national and international food market to our customers. The passion with which we do our work is what sets the Quartiglia group apart in Italian food distribution.
We have developed a dynamic logistics system that enables us to reach our customers wherever they are; always ensuring high quality standards of freshness and product storage.

Quartiglia’s quality

Its considerable experience gained in over thirty years of experience in selecting the best ingredients, makes the Quartiglia’s product catalogue a real journey in the excellence of Italian gastronomy. From the best-known international products to speciality niche products, discovered after careful research in our country ; from “Made in Italy”, represented in the world, to the prestigious imported products, we have only the best products for each product area.
The high quality of raw materials are an essential element for a product to be included in the Quartiglia selection.
“Every task has a sole source of energy: passion.
 And this passion becomes dedication towards your own job and respect towards the others.”

A. Quartiglia