The passion that the Quartiglia team puts into every day in search of the best Italian and international wine and food that make the flavor of your dishes unique, it is the largest value-added service that is offered.
This activity uses the continuous trend analysis on the market food service and your attention on the needs of the professionals with whom we have the pleasure of sharing precious moments, in order to continuously improve our service. The assortment includes the selection of the best local, national and international products excellence, exclusivity expression not only of the raw material, but also to those producers able to interpret it in the most authentic, traditional way in accordance to the seasons.


Among the most appreciated Italian artisan we propose the chopping of the five cheeses brand Gustosi: a tasting journey, led by information, suggestions and recommended combinations, to provide a journey of discovery of these special flavors.
The staff of the Group has chosen five types of cheeses, handmade by a small company from the Marche and, after having studied the characteristics, composed this selection to ensure the consumer an unique tasting experience.


Among the most representative products of international excellence, Quartiglia offers Ocean Beef, the meat from New Zealand
Famous worldwide for its unspoilt nature and for being one of the most advanced agricultures in the world, the islands of New Zealand, are also home to the orignal Angus cattle. Animals, bred in the open air, in a temperate year round climate, are raised with the best grass and cereals and are subject to constant quality controls that are difficult to match.
Ocean Beef is the product with which you can enjoy the scent of this exceptional environment, an unmistakable meat tenderness, thanks to the special marbling that makes this beef comparable to the prestigious Kobe beef.


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