Product variety

What makes the Quartiglia Group leader in food service in Italy is the wide range of products offered to customers: raw materials of high quality, but also the best catering equipment.
Every day a team of experts, in addition to making specific quality controls, conducts research and scouting of the last references proposals on the market to meet the needs, always new in a constatly growing sector.
To simplify your research among more than 18.000 products the Quartiglia Group has been divided its offer into 8 categories: from fresh to frozen, from dry to equipment. The updated selection of products, according to dedicated products areas, allowing trading partners to offer a 360° service: by the great names of the excellence of Italian gastronomic traditions to requests for suppling of catering equipments.


In the assortement, Quartiglia has an incredible, huge selection of food variety.

From pasta to oil, we bring only the authentic flavors of Italian gastronomic traditions to your kitchen.

Selected fruit and vegetables come from the best farmers markets in the world, so that we are always able to offer the finest seasonal products.

Discover our selection of the finest cuts of Italian and international meat, the quality is always certified.

The assortment of cold cuts includes a valuable assortment of Italian and foreign companies to meet your every need.

The best quality fish, selected and inspected by experts; straight from the sea to your kitchen.

From eggs to sauces, the Quartiglia guarantees freshness and quality of the raw materials you need every day.

Our wide selection of high quality frozen products is constantly updated with the latest products on the market.

The assortment of cheeses includes valuable products of Italian and foreign companies to meet every need.



The Quartiglia Group has studied different modes of delivering orders to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.


A unique patented system allows us to deliver even the most delicate fresh products ensuring the perfect state of preservation, in a condition of perfect freshness.


The products will arrive in your kitchen within 24/48h after we have received your order, this is to ensure maximum efficiency to your kitchen every day.


We studied different transportation methods so that we are able to deliver your orders anywhere without compromising the quality of food.

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