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The logistics of the Quartiglia Group provides guaranteed delivery of all food, within 24/48 hours from its preparation, in all of Italy and also the major countries of the European Community and Switzerland.
Logistics provides direct delivery of goods, from fresh to frozen, but also equipment, through specific refrigerated vehicles and dedicated logistic platforms.

Thanks to its strategic location on the national territory of the eight distribution platforms in the cities of Giulianova (our main distribution center), Ferrara, Bari, Foggia, Milan, Naples, Rome and Pontecagnano. We can serve directly and entirely the following Italian cities and regions: Abruzzo, Marche, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, North Calabria, Lazio, Umbria, the southern part of Milan, Lombardy, Bologna and Ferrara.

Delivery in 24/48 hours

An innovative method that leads delivers just fresh and authentic product flavors directly from the manufacturer to your kitchen.

Controlled Temperature

Different kinds of foods can be delivered in one order thanks to a transport system specifically designed to preserve the quality of the products.

Guaranteed safety

The transportation of goods is a fundamental of our work, we perform constant checks to ensure the highest quality products.


Our logistics system is revolutionary new and dynamic…
The Quartiglia Group has designed and developed a patented food packaging that keeps the goods temperature controlled, particularly suitable for shipping fresh and frozen food.
Thanks to this innovative method of delivery, the Quartiglia Group ensures widespread coverage of the territory, also the areas that cannot be reached by refrigerated vehicles.
The company uses major national and international carriers (specialized courier services) to provide this service.
The composition of the special pack depends on the type of goods to be delivered, within the carton boxes there are in fact positioned boxes made of expanded styrofoam with gauge of 2.5 mm, it contains ice gel for goods requiring a storage temperature range between 0 ° C and 4 ° C, while for frozen products there is dry ice to -78 ° C(Dryce).
The amount and type of ice are from time to time selected and calibrated according to the needs of conservation of the product and the outside temperature.
The great innovation and the many advantages offered by Quartiglia Go Pack System derived from engineering to the size of the cartons and their styrofoam boxes contained within them, it allows you to mix different types of products, depending upon the necessary temperatures for preservation.
This allows you to ensure that each transported food maintains quality and preserves authenticity.

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