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The wide selection of high quality frozen products is constantly updated with the latest products on the market. This section includes the first frozen dishes, sweet and dessert products for breakfast. The best selection of fruit and vegetables, for example, wild chicory from the fields. The line dedicated to Gluten Free products is highly successful and it is periodically replenished to meet the growing demands of the food market, more and more attentive to the taste but without forgetting health.
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Wild Chicory from the fields
Porcini mushrooms
Wild strawberries
Gluten free pizza Margherita

Wild Chicory from the fields

Known since Roman times, the wild chicory has been cited by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, which he extolled the remarkable properties antinevralgiche, diuretic, stomachic and cholagogue. In ancient times, this plant was used by doctors to cure abdominal diseases.
In the contemporary cuisine it is usually served as a side dish, especially boiled which exalts characteristic bitter flavour. Dried, roasted or grind, the root has great therapeutic digestive property and it surrogates the coffee.Continua a leggere

Porcini mushrooms

The ancient Romans called these mushrooms Suillus for their appearance, generally squat and massive, the term “porcine” is the exact translation in Italian.
The porcini mushroom is a widely used ingredient in traditional dishes from our kitchen; it is in fact very good with stew, pizza, pasta, the sauce of braised and roasted meats and risottos.Continua a leggere

Wild strawberries

Of all the varieties of strawberries, the most famous and valuable is definitely the wild strawberry. This plant produces dark red berries for a short period of the year that goes from the end of spring until late autumn. This variety of berry is well known for having a fragrance and a flavor much more intense than cultivated strawberries.
These delicious berries are known for their depurative and diuretic property, but their most interesting capability, according to the folk medicine, it helps to adjust the sudden changes in blood pressure, that are frequent in the spring and at times of stress.Continua a leggere

Gluten free pizza Margherita

Celicom is the first Italian company that make gluten-free pizza with double mozzarella lactose free, but the pizza marherita is made according to the classic method. The selection of ingredients, the accuracy in processing and absence of preservatives make this an excellent Gluten free product.
Gluten and lactose free pizza margherita is just one of many products that The Quartiglia Group has included in its assortment intended for those customers with food intolerance. The gluten free line includes also the breakfast products, bread and dessert in single portions.Continua a leggere

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