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From eggs to sauces, from specialties such as Mullet or Tuna, the Ventricina salami of Abruzzo, Quartiglia guarantees freshness and quality for raw materials you need every day.
The fresh section contains within its range smoked fish products of the highest quality, such as sturgeon, salmon, swordfish and also fresh pasta, proudly Made in Italy, among them the best one is the pasta alla Mugnaia, a typical product of Abruzzo that is handmade in the best traditional way.
Abbiamo oltre 70 referenze di prodotti freschi nel nostro assortimento.
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Fresh pasta
Smoked sturgeon
Calabrian Ndujia
Tuna botargo

Fresh pasta

The origin of this excellent pasta can be traced to the ancient water mills of Elice (PE – Abruzzo), where millers used to work this special dough to form one long string to make pasta, which prepared with oil, garlic and chilli pepper were the daily lunch for poor families.
However, in our history even Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had tasted this delicacy homemade dish, which was offered as refreshment after a long journey.
The ingredients of the miller have remained unchanged over time: flour, water and very few eggs create the simple but tasty recipe, extremely digestible despite its rough appearance, which is accompanied by a pleasantly full-bodied meat.Continua a leggere

Smoked sturgeon

The white sturgeon is a fish with white flesh that fully meets today’s dietary needs, it in fact, contains more than 17% of protein, omega 3 and a low-fat (less than 5%).
Better known as “caviar”, the sturgeon is extremely precious, ever-present in the best cuisines in the world.
This noble fish, which in the past has enlivened the banquets of the royal houses of Europe, it has returned to be one of the finest food trend of the moment.Continua a leggere

Calabrian Ndujia

When it is spread on toasted bread is really delicious, the ’nduja is a sausage originally from Spilinga, resorts in the province of Vibo Valentia, it was made of the waste obtained from the processing of pig meat. It is considered a simple dish.
Imitations of the product, also of comparable quality, are now available throughout the region, but ’nduja is typical product from Calabria.Continua a leggere

Tuna botargo

Initially it was typical dish of the islands. It was served as an appetizer or as a sauce for pasta, the habit of consuming the grated roe as it was Parmesan was the custom that has been extended to all regions of the Tyrrhenian. The result is a simple but tasty recipe for “spaghetti with tuna botargo”, which is the pasta mixed with the particular compound of tuna botargo (salted and dried tuna eggs in the sun).Continua a leggere

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