The food industry includes all that Italy is at the table: the best quality of pasta, the rice of excellence like the PDO Baraggia rice and Acquerello rice; selections of oil and a wide range of flours to choose from according to taste and different needs as, for example, without gluten.
The peeled tomatoes and sauces of Italian traditions and many varieties of sweet and spices from all around the world, are just a few examples of the products selected by Quartiglia Group, many of them are distributed to corporate brand in quality assurance.
We have over 1,250 varieties of food in our assortment.
Abbiamo oltre 1250 referenze di alimentari nel nostro assortimento.
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The Anchovy Syrup Condiment from Cetara
PDO Carnaroli rice
Curry Maddras by Aromica
Pasta di Gragnano IGP – Calamari

The Anchovy Syrup Condiment from Cetara

The Anchovy Syrup Condiment from Cetara, it is a product of the local tradition, from the small village of Cetara, the Amalfi Coast, from which it takes its name.
Noble descendant of Garum, a sauce tastes like Anchovy Syrup today, it was used by ancient Romans as a dressing, also the anchovy syrup is one of the traditional specialities of the culinary art of these ancient region.
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PDO Carnaroli rice

The PDO Carnaroli rice of Zaccaria is unique and extremely versatile in cooking because of the cultivation environment and precautions followed during all stages of its production.
Characterized by an intense flavour, it cooks quickly (12 minutes boiling), maintaining the consistency over time, without losing the integrity of the grain even if overcooked.Continua a leggere

Curry Maddras by Aromica

The spices “Aromica Premium” are the most popular in the world.
The high quality of raw materials is in fact guaranteed (by the provenance as it originates) from the best growing areas, using modern techniques of preparation and strict controls which take place all along the production chain.
In the vanguard yes, but never forgetting the teaching of the ancient traditions from which this mixture has originated.
The aroma, taste, color, shape and texture of the products make some of the finest ingredients found in culinary.
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Pasta di Gragnano IGP - Calamari

The fine wheat semolina used by the factory is 100% Italian. “The Ancient Traditions of Gragnano” as the classic method of preparation requires raw materials of the highest quality, that allow this product to make a difference in cooking.
The pasta factory “The Ancient Traditions of Gragnano” contributes with passion and skill to keep alive the authenticity that has characterized this territory, its 500 years of pasta production that make us proud.Continua a leggere

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