A range of over 12,000 items of cutlery, glassware, crockery, accessories and small equipment, disposables and buffet, furniture and large systems for restaurant and professional kitchens.
The selected assortment is specialized to meet the diverse needs of operators in the field of professional equipment, where trends, needs and tastes are constantly evolving.
To follow and anticpate these trends is the primary goal of Quartiglia Group in the section dedicated to professional equipment, where a technical team is ready to follow its customers, step by step, to satisfy each new request, in the design and furnishing of a new concept of resataurants, sales of furniture and accessories.
Any research and analysis in fact, aims to position the company as a preliminary stage, dynamic and experienced, the more exponent working today in the world of food and Italian hospitality.
The most advanced refrigeration equipment is designed to meet the different preservation needs.
A new way of cooking, discover all the most innovative and smart cooking systems to bring into your restaurant.
Harmony, minimalism, functionality and all the highest knowledge of Japanese tradition enclosed in a blade.
Reliable, solid, characterized by certified quality and high power, discover the best equipment for your kitchen.
Everything you need for the creation of your dishes, with the security of consistently excellent quality.
Bring excellent need as much quality in the mise en place your trust in a historic brand, making the best even in the presentation.

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