As connoisseurs of “made in Italy”, Quartiglia pays special attention to locating items from this product group: cold cuts, the centrepiece of Italian gastronomy. There is a large assortment in the catalogue from the best known international products to the regional specialties of our country, carefully selected by Quartiglia to ensure a unique dining experience, a journey through the most traditional recipes, discovering traditions that characterize our territory.
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Martina Franca`s Capocollo (Cured Pork neck)
Ventricina salami of Vasto
Culatello of Zibello PDO
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine Salami

Martina Franca’s Capocollo (the cured pork neck)

Martina Franca’s Capocollo (the cured pork neck) has been designed to withstand the the climatic conditions in the area of the Itria Valley. This area includes the towns of Martina Franca (Taranto province), Cisternino (Brindisi province), Locorotondo (Bari province), climatically unsuitable for Norcina production.
The special recipe originates from ancient times and includes a light smoking, the long marinating in brine and tanning with mulled wine. These procedures are designed specifically to keep salami intact and healthy and give an remarkable organoleptic richness.Continua a leggere

Ventricina salami of Vasto

Ventricina salami Vastese is a sausage with ancient origins which reflect the traditions of this corner of Abruzzo close to Molise, in the hills and foothills of the area of Vasto to Schiavi d’Abruzzo. Its special recipe has been passed down by generations of farming families and was much appreciated by the Bourbons. The ventricina salami from the farms of Tratturo is obtained from the finest cuts of pork with a high ratio of lean meat to fat, cut only by the knife tip to avoid fat disintegrating, to which is added mixture of mortar-pounded dried sweet and chilli peppers, pepper, wild fennel seeds and salt. It is then dried in the smoke of the fire to age for at least three months. The result is a nice blend of flavours as sweet, spicy, animal and cellar fragrance. An excellent sausage was chosen and awarded by Gambero Rosso, in his book “The Great Salami”: The ultimate Guide to the best Italian products.Continua a leggere

Culatello of Zibello PDO

From “Calmiero” of salty compact pork”, a document of 1735 issued by the City of Parma in which the prices of cured meats were listed, can be traced back to initial information about the Culatello, a sausage from recent history, was produced in the flatlands located near the river Po. The chilly winters and hot summers of Busseto, Parma, Polesine, Zibello, Soragna, Sissa and Colorno are the ideal climatic conditions for aging the meat. Culatello is made with the muscular part of the hind leg of pig giving it the characteristic fragrance for which it is famous.
We suggest tasting this precious salami alone or at the beginning of your meal so you might fully savour the sweetness.Continua a leggere

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine Salami

The salami flavoured with Montepulciano wine comes from the idea of tying a sausage to a great wine made in the Abruzzo region. The recipe selected only the finest lactose and gluten-free cuts of pork, which after careful processing is left to age for about 30-40 days. At the end of the aging it is wet with the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which gives it the unique flavour notes. The high-quality salami we suggest cutting only with a knife and serve it with cheese. The salami is packed in the characteristic marc which could also be used as part of the dish.Continua a leggere

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